Marvin Palmer

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Father
  • Gamer
  • Musician
  • Yogi

Brave and persevering when facing technical challenges.
Humble, friendly, cooperative, and respectful when working with others.

Software Engineer

My love for programming started in junior high school with an IBM PC XT and a spiral bound handbook for BASIC. I wrote ASCII character games and text-based adventure games. I began rediscovering this love in 2003. Wandered through MySql to Classic ASP to .NET. Found happiness in C#, WebApi, SPAs, and Sql Server. Most days, I'm ok with EF. Have done a fair bit of time in Angular 1-4. Currently, infatuated with VueJS, and .NET Core 2+ continues to grow on me.

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I'm the very proud father of a year old boy. I love watching him celebrate his successful moments in sports like his NFL heroes do, try so hard at academics, laugh hysterically when he beats me at Fornite, or do something very thoughtful and completely unprompted.

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Not that I can compete with a year old. I apparently can't. But I enjoy my Xbox One. Favorite game of all time is Skyrim. Also liked the Assasin's Creed series, the Halo series, Just Cause 2, the Batman Arkham series, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series. Currently playing COD Black Ops 4.

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I play guitar and write songs. And occassionally record something using Studio One on my computer. Except I haven't played in awhile so my fingers are soft. So, I've regressed to writing bad rap songs. And I can't pretend I don't enjoy that. I even wrote one for a departmental meeting about the Big IP platform and if you really wanna hear it...

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On good days, I'm waking up in the morning and rolling out my yoga mat for a half hour and doing my sun salutations and my downward dogs. And on occasion, I put on my leggings and go hang with my yogini sisters at my favorite yoga studio.

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